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“Behold, I will do a New Thing”

April 15, 2018

There are many things the Lord has taught and revealed to me since my hike that day to Signal Point. It was such a wild experience. The entire day it was as if I was simply a willing participant to what the Spirit was doing.

He showed me the actions…

Signal Point Chattanooga My Hiking Trip with God Pray for Chattanooga by Speak to the Rock


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Hiking Trip

My Hiking Trip with God to Signal Point

April 8, 2018

Story of the Search and Rescue of Lost Hiker on Signal Mountain
Sunday morning March 18th I woke up filled with joy and hope in the Lord. I had received so many breakthroughs to prayer over the past few weeks and I had been hearing His voice so clearly. I felt…

Chattanooga, TN USA

After my hiking trip last week, the Lord began to show me He had a bigger purpose in it than I realized at the time. There is an important message in the story that He is sending to all of us, His people. So I have started this blog to share that message and other experiences He wants me to share. Over the next few days, I will begin to reveal what He is showing me about it.